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Make vehicle ownership and repair more affordable with these 2 programs
Island Owl Mazda will always be there

Used car dealerships have some bad stereotypes, but Island Owl Mazda’s 700+ Google Reviews tell a different story. The dealership works hard to help hard-working Vancouver Islanders stay safe and comfortable on the road through affordable financing programs for both repairs and vehicle purchases.

1. Owl Always Be There Financing Program

There are finance programs for buying cars and warranties for some repairs, but what can you do when your car breaks down, the repairs don’t fall under warranty and you’re facing a $3000 bill?

Island Owl Mazda will always be there.

“These costs can come up out of nowhere. A new set of truck tires can easily cost $2000, and I hear from customers all the time: ‘I didn’t expect this!’ or ‘How am I supposed to come up with $5000?’ says Aaron ‘Ocho’ Curran, a Financial Services Representative at Island Owl Mazda. “This way you can have a safe, reliable vehicle with manageable payments for about the cost of your Netflix subscription.”

The Owl Always Be There Financing Program gives you time and flexibility. Finance your repairs, and make weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments to spread the costs out over time.

“The terms are flexible, the payments are flexible, you can put as much down as you’d like. The Owl Always Be There Financing Program gives you peace of mind with no stress,” Curran says. “I’m so excited that we have this option now — we can help a lot of people.”


2. Stepping Stone Program for car ownership on bad credit

“There’s zero judgment or shame about bad credit. It happens,” Curran says.

Crawling out of a deep credit hole is tough, but keeping up with a mortgage or vehicle loan are the two best ways to do it. The Stepping Stone Program helps people with low credit scores finance great vehicles and start building their way to future opportunities.

  1. Have a conversation with Island Owl Mazda about your vehicle needs and current credit situation.
  2. Island Owl Mazda will work with the bank to get your financing pre-approval in place.
  3. Visit the dealership and take a look at some vehicle options that fit in your budget. “Be flexible with your expectations — it may not be your dream vehicle, but typically financing approvals are easier on vehicles that are less than five years old,” says Stephanie Welsh, also a Financial Services Representative at Island Owl Mazda.
  4. If your vehicle doesn’t come with a factory warranty, Island Owl Mazda recommends purchasing a warranty to avoid surprises. “Budgeting is a big part of the Stepping Stone Program, and having a warranty makes budgeting a lot easier,” Welsh says.
  5. Enjoy your new vehicle! Keep up with your payments, and start building up your credit. In twelve to eighteen months, return to the dealership to discuss reducing your interest rate. “If you’ve kept up with payments on your vehicle  and any other credit cards or loans, we will work with the lenders to provide options to lower your rate.” 

To learn more, call 1-866-460-2207 or visit the Owl finance team at 2280 N Island Hwy in Campbell River. Visit to see success stories from the Stepping Stone Program!